There's not much to say.. i've been spending my days studying.
Just took some random photos to try out my new RC-1 controle remote for my baby canon.

I'm in love with that nude peachy nail polish. I can't get sick of it..  my hair is pretty long also, i missed it so much.
The weather has been pretty amazing and it's a terribly pain in the ass, I can't enjoy it not even for a tiny bit. I love spring! When it's neither way too hot but it's sunny enough to go outside.

 Last friday, I spared a few minutes to go shopping, since the sales just began. I only went to H&M, because my mum's bf gave me a massive gift card from there for my birthday. ♥
I only bought a white khol eyeliner, a set of rings (which is ridiculous, because i always forget to wear rings) and a confort sweater.
 I was kinda of disappointed with what they had in store. When I don't have money there are a zillion of beautifull pieces I'd give my leg to have, now that I actually have some cash, they have nothing good to me.... meh.

I also learned how to make gifs. You'd be surprise with the amount of useless stuff I learn during finals, instead of just sticking with the tons of stuff I actually NEED to learn. But one has to have a way to keep mentaly sane..

I also filmed Alejandra's having a sand bath outside. I'll try to edit that and post it. Because she looks ever so lovely.

Now I shall leave you to learn how to be a motherfucker diagnoser master like a vet house female version or so you get the picture! 
This was a very pointless update and for that I am sorry!

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