This past summer i fell down in a spiral of unfortunate events. There was no major factor in my life left untouched, whether was love, family, health, work or friendship.. And things kept falling out of place one after another. I felt like a malabarist trying to handle way to many things and putting myself together at the same time.

I'm not even going to detail anything.. it's past.

Pintas ran away, was missing for two long days, got bitten and got hit by a car. Fortunately, end up in the kennel, we found her. We scouted the place so much.. i don't even want to remember. We picked her up and took her to the hospital, there was no major injuries, despite the massive amount of staples, stiches and black (really black) bruises she had. Everything healed.. she looks like nothing happened.
Now with 12 years old, a bit deaf and a tiny bit blind, got lost really far from home. Everyone kept saying "you know you're probably not gonna find her", "she ain't gonna survive". Well, I never gave up and fuck yeah I had the most amazing luck finding her, we did it.
This is Locki, the veil tail betta splender, my mum gave me. It's my new roommate, very curious and with a voracious appetite.
I also got this cactus and underneath there's a really old edition of pride and prejudice i borrowed from my grandpa. It has that lovely smell of old books.. When my family gifted me with the cactus, granpa said: "Com homens e cactos não se têm cuidados" (With men and cactus you don't need to care, or something similar).
 I found this baby gecko on the stairs inside my house, it was hard to grab him because he was so tickling and I coulnd't stop laughing. I put him outside on the flower's porch, where the other geckos usually are.

Oh and this is Noddy, my freshmen colleague hamster, she asked me to babysit him over the holidays. His very much alike to Alejandra, but a bit smaller and very shy. It's funny to watch how similar animals can have such a different caracter and habits. He is now home again. :) The photo is bad but this lil' guy deserved to be mentioned.
Gifts my mum and sister brought me from Paris. 
Sadly, I lost a lot of weight and had real insomnia for the very first time in my life. My doctor decided to change my medication once again (4th time this year). I try so hard to eat more at every meal.. :\
I was going to have 3 exams, on early September, 2 of them I'm aproved. The last one is next thursday, let's see what happens and if I pass I oficially complete my graduation.
Also, I started to work as an intern in a vet clinic, the place is tiny but the vet i get to work with is such an amazing person, the costumers are also very friendly. Plus, is so nearby the beach you can smell the salt air.
My family and friends have been a huge support to me lately, Sara's patience, Cookie's spooning in the morning, my sister's companionship, Pintas cuddling, my granpa's eating the nuts on top of the banana slip so I can eat the rest, I really can't complain.

Oh and I almost forgot something really important, my dad is buying me a CAR! I'm going to have a friggin' car! I was so hysterical about it.. I haven't got it yet because I really want to consider every detail when I choose the one. hehe  

It's gettins late, I'll be diving between the sheets as fast as you can say "pussy wagon". LOL *