I'm sorry for being such a missing soul. I didn't feel like updating things and blogguing is only fun when you feel like it, not as an obligation.
A lot of things changed in my life, I don't know if for the better. But let's hope so..

First things, first. One afternoon, Andreia and Nuno picked me up and we headed to the ring to ride some horses and after ride a carriage. It was a lot of fun, the horses were beautiful and the autumn weather was perfect.

In September, I signed in for some dance classes. It's so good to be active again!

My cousin Miguel got a Super Mario tattoo and I documented it, step by step.
I had never seen a tattoo being made so..  :] It was fun.
The tattoo artist was Cavellucci.

Here's the piece:

I headed north with my family, to Mangualde, for a beautiful Magusto and to visit the fair for the weekend. It was fun and I ate A LOT. My cousins have the most amazing garden with flowers during every year, despite the very cold weather. Cookie loves to run around the house and play with us outside. My cousins are such a cute old couple. Pictureeee spaaaaaam:

Sometimes I say Cookie looks like a bat, here's the proof!!!

 Oh and this is my new motherfucking awsome car.♥ Ain't it a beauty? I love him with all my heart and soul. He's mummy's lil boy. HAHA Enough with the swearing and drooling. He's pretty cool, easy to drive and so pweeety inside & out, and I'm melting for him again! >.<'' sorry

I have some other news to update, some good some bad. But this post is getting quite big, so I'll leave it for another time. I have to work (i have so much to do) and I'm getting food. Ba-baiii! To the few souls that keep on reading my non-senses, big hug to you all♥