So here I am. Sitting in the front of the computer with a halfmade ppt presentation about animals poisoned with toads venom, to finish.
It's quite funny because I never planned this as my future but it couldn't possibly ever turned out so perfect.
My eccentrical mood swings have left me completely exausted but in the end of the day, I can put my mind at ease.

So here I am enjoying my first alchoolic drink with nothing but myself. I always drink socially, so this is new to me. And this strange yet confortable feeling makes me suggest a toast to myself, my aging.
Even though a month later... Happy Birthday to myself! I am actually happy I was born 21 years ago. And what a ride has been.. !


I've been neglecting my blog for a while, not on purpose though.. so much has happened this last few weeks. I didn't stop to clear the thoughts in my head.

Well, first things first... on the 27th  it was my 21st  birthday!
It was kinda of a meaningless day. I didn't have to go to college and everyone else was working. In the evening there were cake and candles with some of my dearest family. So that cheered my mood a lot!
On friday, we had a college colleagues birthday dinner. There were 2 birthday girls (one was me, of course) and a birthday boy. It was pretty sweet to gather everyone and have a good time. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs.

When I arrived home the next morning, my house had a major flood, due to the rain. It was a bit terrifying I must confess. I never seen my house threaded before and excuse me, but that was some fucking scary shit.
Fortunately, everyone worked so hard to put everything back in place as fast as they could, ‘cause I was giving a party the very next day to my closest friends.

Despite of this scenario looking already bad as fuck. I’ll have to add that at the same time I was agonizing with my wisdom teeth growing. The pain was so much I had to take more than 3 painkillers, my face was swollen and I couldn’t eat anything solid. Even trying to eat cooked rice it was like taking bullets in my face. Sweet.
PLUS, something ruined my modem, I believe it was the thunderstorm on the previous night. So no internet for me. For a WEEK. It was really bad because with all the pain I was having, I wanted to distracted myself and couldn’t, hooray.

With all this crap around me, you can imagine it was not the happiest birthday celebration. My friends that came by were really sweet to me. And I can say that my 21st was very flowery, I never received so many flowers in my life!
My grandpa gave a beautiful purple orchid, which is one of my favorite flowers. My mum also bought me a pretty bouquet with small bordeaux flowers. Yellow tulips from my godmother and from my friend Ana Sofia a really beautiful white, lilac and purple bouquet.

And some photodump from the dinner with friends that mean a lot...

This is Ana, she has the same first and last name as me. We are both short and dark-haired, so people tend to confuse us. She has been a huge support to me. <3 Oh and Francisco is in the back! 

 My goddaughter, always so smily and sweet. And pretty!

 The birthday people! Daniel and Mariana, they're both one year older than me. The champagne that one of Daniel godsons gifted us.

Diana and Francisco goofying! 

Francisco is a good friend, I wish Diana was in the picture with us too.