My life has been crazy happy lately! :) Exams finally calm down for a moment, though I still have 2 to go.

I took a few days off to restore mental sanity, turns out I barely rest. While most people were celebrating Carnaval, I hung out with my friends and had an amazing time. Didn't wear a crazy costume but oh well, maybe next year.. ;P

Friday night, I met Sara and André on an Arabic pub real close to my home. I did have an exam that day, so I was up since 6am, not quite sure if that justifies my shit-face.

At some point, the bar's owner approached us and we get to meet one of his snakes. She was the cutest most cuddling reptile I've ever met.

   *Look at my cute new leggings, got to show me goods!
Please do ignore my fart-face. She was so cold and my arms were warm
 = good spot to chill that orange cold-blooded ass.
I want one in a near future and for my amazement, my mum thinks it's a cool idea! So maybe I don't get to wait till I have my own place *.* Oh dreams.. y u no realize faster?

Next day I had a sushi dinner with Rebeca and Bibs. The food was pretty good but the waiters were not that nice. So do I have the prettiest friends or do i have the prettiest friends?
Also they get a ride on my chevy which was nicknamed Lucifer by Bibs. We're Lucifer Angels. haha

And finally on Saturday was Ana's birthday party! 

I was saying something stupid. I can tell by her nose.

After the cake with played EyeToy and SingStar!
Birthday girl - Ana, yours truly and Sara

And now back to where I insist I do not belong... :\ méh.


I'm such an awful blogger, what a shame. I'm gonna try to upload here once a week from now on.
I like to keep my memories and the tiny special bits that I want to remember forever, so..
My mum gave me a new cellphone, since my old one was quite terrible to deal with. Even when I don't have my camera with me, now I have my phone, muahaha pictures with crappy quality!

I honestly have never eaten so much kit kat in my life, than this last few months.