I know, I know.. I start every post complaining about how much of a lazy blogguer I am. And here I am again promising to myself that from today I'll start blogging weekly. There's this massive pile of pictures I want to upload here that keeps making my procrastination speak louder and uploading less. And the pile gets bigger, hooray for that snowball effect.

So moving on to more interesting stuff.. I went to Paris!
It was really coooooool. I've been there on 2009, so I skipped some iconic monuments I've already seen before to see some new and exciting places. Take a sit and enjoy my tour :)
All the pictures are unedited for the sake on my brain fuction.

Very uncommon place to start, right? A cemitery. Boo! One of the most famous in the world and certainly the most beautiful I have ever seen. Not that I'm very fan of the grieving thing. But I met some cool dudes or the remains they left on this earth.. such as:  Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Moliére, Allan Kardec, James Morrison, La Fontaine and many more.
Fun fact: I was sticking my gum on Jim Morrison's memorial tree because aparentely that's what rebel people do in his honor. I felt like catching some diseases too. Kissing Wilde's grave was a bit to hardcore for me though..
That's the inscription on Allan Kardec's tomb saying: "To be born, die, again be reborn, and so progress unceasingly, such is the law". I have a lot of respect for Kardec's Spiritism ideologies, some of them make so much more sense to me than christianity.

Back to the hotel and this was the view from our window.

I visited Montmartre for the very first time and falled in love with it.
The mary-go-round is beautiful, Moulin Rouge was kind of disappointing although I didn't get to enter. I insisted I wanted to visit Les Doux Moulins coffee shop from the Amélie's movie and the garçon felt the need to kindly express his aproval of my appearance. I had a quite a sucess between the males, do they have bad taste? Are portuguese men too picky? Or maybe is the parisienne atmosphere. Haha I don't know but my ego enjoyed it very much. Plus, I was gifted with a beautiful sanguine portrait (much much prettier than myself actually) portrait by an artist called Samuel something-something (can't figure his last name). It was much trickier than I thought to pose for 20 minutes straight without being allowed to look to other places. Very worthy nonetheless.

Other cute place was the Marché aux Puces which means Flea Market. Too bad they ask for astronomic amounts of money for almost every god-damn-thing (meaning I'm not rich). But still was a good place to take a walk and see curious things.
I went to the Comparative Anatomy Exposition on Jardin des Plantes Because the crazy vet/scientist/whatnot in me absolutely HAD to. And it was absolutely mind blowing, I took nearly 100 photos there and didn't took more because I needed my camera's memory for more than skeletons only. I think I could've spent days in there admiring the beautifuly dissected specimens. oh boy *boner*
Too bad I didn't had time to visit the zoo there. One of the first ones open to public in the world.. maybe next time.. maybe next time..

That awkard moment when a baby horse is almost as tall as me. :D

I visited the Magic and Ilusionism Museum but photographs were not allowed. Only worthy if visiting with kids, not much of a big deal.
Also went to Tim Burton's exposition at the Cinematheque Française. Waited almost 2h to get inside, worth it!!! I'm a fan girl so.. Pictures were not allowed (again) but.. ups.. (i hope i don't get sued..).

My mum decided to be all sweet to me and took me to dinner on one of the most fancy places in the whole Paris. Can you believe it? Neither could I. Le Train Bleu, a place where the royal family used to eat when they arrived from their trips by train. It was stunning and felt like eating on a great hall at a palace or something. The staff was super nice, the food was amazing and I was so full. The champagne was named Louise, I couldn't miss that could I? ;P 

Despite I'm don't have a sweet tooth I can't deny they have amazing pastry. I had the very first macarron of my life, got disappointed and had another. 

Well I still have a few more collages to make like my amazing shopping there! Brought home quite a few gems. And of course, to update my current situation that is quite caotic. I'm not even exagerating, I moved out and my birthday and other stuff.. If only I had more feedback over here maybe I'd feel more inclined to post frequently.
Oh well.. :) See you soon!


My life has been crazy happy lately! :) Exams finally calm down for a moment, though I still have 2 to go.

I took a few days off to restore mental sanity, turns out I barely rest. While most people were celebrating Carnaval, I hung out with my friends and had an amazing time. Didn't wear a crazy costume but oh well, maybe next year.. ;P

Friday night, I met Sara and André on an Arabic pub real close to my home. I did have an exam that day, so I was up since 6am, not quite sure if that justifies my shit-face.

At some point, the bar's owner approached us and we get to meet one of his snakes. She was the cutest most cuddling reptile I've ever met.

   *Look at my cute new leggings, got to show me goods!
Please do ignore my fart-face. She was so cold and my arms were warm
 = good spot to chill that orange cold-blooded ass.
I want one in a near future and for my amazement, my mum thinks it's a cool idea! So maybe I don't get to wait till I have my own place *.* Oh dreams.. y u no realize faster?

Next day I had a sushi dinner with Rebeca and Bibs. The food was pretty good but the waiters were not that nice. So do I have the prettiest friends or do i have the prettiest friends?
Also they get a ride on my chevy which was nicknamed Lucifer by Bibs. We're Lucifer Angels. haha

And finally on Saturday was Ana's birthday party! 

I was saying something stupid. I can tell by her nose.

After the cake with played EyeToy and SingStar!
Birthday girl - Ana, yours truly and Sara

And now back to where I insist I do not belong... :\ méh.