I'm such an awful blogger, what a shame. I'm gonna try to upload here once a week from now on.
I like to keep my memories and the tiny special bits that I want to remember forever, so..
My mum gave me a new cellphone, since my old one was quite terrible to deal with. Even when I don't have my camera with me, now I have my phone, muahaha pictures with crappy quality!

I honestly have never eaten so much kit kat in my life, than this last few months.

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    1. Sim queridaaaa, rendi-me em Outubro/Novembro.
      Agora estão clarinhas, pq exames = low hair maintenance. x)
      O normal é este: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RuK_2p0u85A/TxDMBMFTT_I/AAAAAAAAAM0/2UoxzvJxRIo/s640/DSCN0046.JPG_effected.jpg

      Beijocas e obrigada por comentares <3