The last ones from last year...
If 2011 was a person, I'd have kicked it in the mouth a long time ago.

Rebeca took this ones.. and I am so thankful! I brought a beautiful seagull skull home that warm afternoon.

My lovely god-daughter Liliana (right) and myself (left). There you have a "good" shot of my blue hair.

My winter break started like this. I took her for a walk, she run so much while I picked seashells. It's always so peaceful in this time of the year. Winter walks on the beach <3

Baby Artur and my mother playing. She's smiling with her eyes.

Lichi and Scotty, my new lady friends!

Spoooooooning. I love this photo since it's so dificult to take a good portrait of Cookie, she's always running away from the camera. Plus, she looks adorable.

I know I've been a terrible blogguer. There are a ton of photos I'd like to upload, there's no excuse for my lazy ass. Classes ended and now exams are coming. I'm going to spend way more time at home, so hopefully I'll do the photos catch up. 
I've been having some quite exausting days, I wish I could count the days for my sickness to end. I gained some pounds this holidays and I'm very proud of that. I really have to look out for my health.. specially, with the finals coming.
I received a new cellphone on xmas! I have to upload some photos from there also. So much to do, so little time. I should  split into 3 different persons to get all my tasks done, and maybe it wouldn't be enough.
I guess that's it for now, I'm going to jump into my bed. Night night *

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