So much is going on that I have to do a quick update!
Last week was granpa's 87th birthday, we were all very happy for him and gave him a bunch of new clothes.
He insisted that he didn't want any party or dinner of any kind.. so in respect to that and due to all the final exams me and my sister are going through, my mother just bought him a beautiful cake to sing him happy birthday. The cake name was Dark Forest, how cool is that?

I've been studying very hardcore-ish. My brain is very tired already, I can't remember names on random situations, so I'm calling everything "thing". Yesterday I put an empty bowl on the fridge, god knows for what purpuse.. and the list could go on with the lunatic-like strange behaviors of mine.
My doctor also decided to change my medication (again!) to something that would make me less sleepy and more active, although this one ain't gonna get me any heavier.
In the mean time, I went shopping (once more). I finally found some cute stuff for me.. bow pattern high wasted shorts, black suede flats, faux fur keychain (morigirl inspired) and i also bought a beige paper bag shorts.

I finished the first season of Misfits, quite interesting serie. And I'm planning a trip to Wroclaw, Poland in August! I'm so so sooooooooo excited. I have an awsome to-do's list planned for my summer vacations.
So I don't have spare time for pretty much nothing these days.. but that feels good in a way.

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