Ahoy, fellow mates! I foresee tempestuous times on this beach..
The finals are arriving at a galloping speed. But fear not, my friends, it ain't the first time we battle and so far we've never lost a war!

Now some more accurate thoughts about the present..
I've been self-tapping myself on the back to, at such young age, being capable to cut every root of bitterness out of my life. It doesn't make me happy? Kick it out.
It looks so simple said that way, but we both know it's not simple at all. To be able to admit that something or someone makes you more bad than good. (because not everything is just good or just bad, there's always both sides)

Also I've been a bit lovey-dovey lately which to those who know me, it's a bit of a surprise and so it is to myself! There's a motive for that but it's a secret. I feel like if I let it out it will absorb dreadful luck. So shhh-it Luísa!

Above everything that's happening around, I have to focus on what's really important for me. In the mean time, I'll get some amazing shots of peace and quiteness straight to my tiny cardiac muscle.

"I'm chillin' in yo pillows, u mad?"

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