Hi there! For my happy amazement I've been passing exam after exam. This makes me so so happy, so what would be better than enjoying myself for a few days, right?

I missed my friend Bárbara, really really bad, so we decided to hang out last week and took a few amusing shots. It was really funny but the results were a bit shitty, I definitely need to buy remote control for my camera. I feel like I'm missing so many great shots, bléh.. Here's my favs:

So after this lovely afternoon, I had another exam and then grabbed my bag and my camera on my way with the north wind. :)

This is Micro, the tiny puppy that slept with me for two days. Behaved amazingly well! And then she was adopted..

 This is Lotta, the baby seal! She got lost in the sea and was rescued. She's going to be returned to the sea as soon as she stops finding humans so interesting! Look at those whiskers! :D

Rogélia not in the mood for some exercise. hahahaha
It was great to see her eat all by herself and gaining weight but her eyes are so hard to heal.  Diogo took the picture and borrowed me his surfing wetsuit.

Nick was really curious with her. :)

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  1. gostei imenso das fotos ^^ Parabens pelos exames :D

  2. Obrigado Né! :D Temos de ir ao susheeeee!
    Nem sabes como é bom ter um comentáriozinho aqui, em vez de ter 500 e tal pessoas apenas a cuscar. muah muah *

  3. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  4. Lotta is wayyy too cute! And so so curious with us, too bad we couldn't cuddle her or show any affection. Once she is released she must fear humans and be a normal wild animal, so noone could approach her, hunt her or whatever.

    Thanks for stopping by! :D