So I received this call out of nowhere and it was Navz:
"Where are you?" he said.
"I'm at home, why?"
"Came outside!"
I grabbed my coat and there he was with puppy Sam! And that totally made my day.
Sam recognized me and he is so grown up now. Still a kid inside, but huge outside. Aw..
He walked all the way from his house to mine, at 9pm. It was cold as hell but we took a walk at the park near my house.

I have an exam on Friday, but I'm so not into studying right now.. It's being so hard to stay focus with this lovely sunny weather outside. And not doing my work efficiently leaves me very frustrated.. :\
Here are some random shots from the last few days..

I used to play with these, it was one of my mum's toys. Very vintage.

The flowers I have on my porch. Welcome Spring, my favorite season of the year! 

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