Today I woke up at 4 a.m. with a huge storm on the other side of the window. Had a really weird exam at 10a.m., had lunch with the girls. Unfortunately, Navz and I thought it was better to cancel our walk with Sam, because it was beyond impossible to step outside without getting all wet and dragged by the wind. I really miss Sam, he probably is so much bigger than the last time I saw him.. he is an awesome puppy and he will be forever a puppy to me, no matter how huge he's gonna get, that sassy lil' bitter. Here he is after the vet appointment with his favorite auntie, at summer time:

Also, yesterday came the suggestion I could visit my dolphin friend for 4 days, I took it! I really need to get out of the house and do something I love. Also, there's a new baby seal at the shelter and I'm so dead to meet her. Pictures soon! :)
Since I didn't hang out with Navz and Sammy, I gave some hamster love to Alejandra. I haven't been giving her a lot of attention lately, so I did a photoshoot with her and she's a diva. She loves the camera so much she kept running towards the lens all the time. I had to give her a treat to keep her entertained. The light is pretty lousy but what would you expect with a day like these.

Now you'll excuse me, I'm going to sneak into the bed and fall asleep while listening the rain outside. Tomorrow will be a long day.. Packin' and leavin'!

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