I'll definately need to update or I'll lose the track of the amount of stuff I wanted to post. This particular post will be about my alucinated last week..

Well, I had and exam on monday, another one on wednesday. My brain was melting, almost slipping out of my nose, very annoying shiet.
On thursday, my cousin picked me up to see Skrillex and it was gloriously eargasmic as I expected.
Here's the small films i did all gathered (excuse the crappy images and my filming skills):

At the exit, I met Anaísa (Aeterna Suicide), who I haven't seen in 5/6 years and she keeps lookin' gooood.

Soaking wet by the freezing river wind.

I passed out in bed near 5:30 am, 4h later my grandpa was awaking me to get help him at his house. That afternoon I went to the Medieval Market in Óbidos. It was quite amusing, watched a falconry show (the birds really loved his trainer), drank their tipical beverage (ginja on chocolate cup) and bought myself a huge horn cup as a souvenir. Pics turned out not-so-great.

That night, I finally managed to get some real sleep because that week I slept like 4/5h maximum per day, that's a record for my slothy being. On that weekend, we had a picnic at friend's old mill in Mafra. The view was unbelievable, too bad it was so windy. I took a lot of pictures, explored another neiboring abandoned windmills, collected fossils and have some rest at the sun.

Well and that was it, I didn't stop for a minute. There's another post on the way..! See you soon. *

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