So here I am updating my blog. I'm not dead, apparently.
I didn't have much time for myself this last few weeks.. sorry.
Last weekend, me and the girls went to Évora for a seminar about intern medicine. I'll post pictures when I feel like it.
With 18h/week of veterinary anesthesiology I was arriving home and passing away quite easily. 
Meanwhile, I detected a nodule on Alejandra's thorax that left me quite worried. Headed immediately to the vet (how ironic) and it was and abscess that had to be punctured. She behaved like a brave lady, have been taking her antibiotic every night. After all, it was nothing serious and I am a relieved mama owl.

I haven't been feeling too well.. due to a series of unfortunate events. I hope my luck changes soon!

I'm on my spring break/easter vacations, traveling for Algarve tomorrow with my family. Hopefully, I'll get a good mind rest, charge my batteries, eat good food to increase my weight a bit more and of course, take pictures. :)

Also, my birthday is only two weeks away. I haven't thought about it. Just published my wishlist for the fun of it.
And as usual, my royal flush of random photos:

Some gifts my mum brought me from Philippines. A tiny kawaii wallet to put my cards, tiny black pearls necklace, huge beige whelks necklace. <3

Cookie showing some love.

And here's a faux fur vest I bought for an unbelievable cheap price.
Excuse my dull face expression.

And that's pretty much it. See you soon, sailors! *

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