Yesterday afternoon was great. I went to IKEA with Rebeca and some of her friends.
I bought the cutest cactus ever, new curtains, two plastic binders and the bedspread i was so eager to buy. This is the one..:

[Cactus picture was taken by me.]

After that we went to Starbucks, in Belém, and had a yummy meal. I completely fall in love with the mocha frappuccino and the cinnamon swirl bread. I had never tried those and both we're so so great. *double win*

Speaking of food.. I've been feeding myself pretty well, I don't remember eating this much since god knows when.. I'm already 1.5kg heavier since last week.

I played some DDR today, haven't touched the game in a while. I think I'm getting good at it because it amuses me endlessly. But alas, I cannot save my games since I haven't bought a memory card yet.
Well I'm listening to J-pop, thanks to it, because the music I'm best of is this one.. I can't keep my feet still.

And that's all folks!

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