So yesterday I finally changed my medication to something new. It will give me more energy and appetite. Well, I already ate an entire box of butter cookies. But on the other hand, this makes me SO sleepy and lazy. Today I slept 15h. yeah.. 15 HOURS! What a waste of time. I couldn't keep my eyes open! I have so much to study..

Yesterday I went to the beach with cookie and my cousin. She chased some cats, run like crazy and made friends with a german sheppard puppy. I took a picture with my voigtlander, can't wait to develop the film!

Some dudes are bringing down the pine cone trees that I have in from of my house. I was so angry about that, the birds were flying away like mad, the pour things are losing their homes. I really hope they don't build another house there. I like that space empty.

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